# Day-1

We start this wonderful trip by Brazil and Rio (one of our favorite destinations). This is one of the reasons for the title of this blog. I prepared this trip in the Nordeste several years in a row but the prices of domestic transport were too high. However, this year we could not resist anymore.

Our travel partners for Brazil are Aurélie, Séb and their children (Louis, Agathe and Alice) with whom we will discover the Nordeste. We are used to traveling together we did Costa Rica last year.

The fact of leaving together at the start of the world tour softens the departure a lot and gives us the impression that it is a holiday. However, the goodbye in Sao Paulo may be hard.

As soon as we arrived in Rio early in the morning, we find with happiness the atmosphere, the smells, the Rio landscapes that we love so much. This year, we will redo most places we already know with our friends but it is always with the same pleasure.

We drop our bags at our hotel in the district of Santa Teresa, which allows the children to wake up half of the hotel in a record time and climb directly to the iconic Pao de Açúcar (SugarLoaf). The children are thrilled. The climb by cable car is a must. Arrived at the top we breakfast facing the bay of Rio. Then children go on the adventure in the ways of the park to discover the monkeys and to climb.

We leave the Sugarloaf in the late morning, Ipanema direction, one of the mythical beaches of Rio, located between Copacabana (which is a little dirty now) and Leblon (which is more upscale). Ipanema is still beautiful with huge waves surrounded on both sides by the hills of Rio Bay. A paradise for athletes: many runners and cyclists along the beach, surfers take the waves and beach volleyball players train on the beach. Of all ages and morphology, Brazilian women are all in string or tanga. They do not show their breasts but they have the right to do a « parade of buttocks » 🙂 which does not displease everyone.

We improvise a swim even if we do not have a swimsuit, before leaving for lunch in the small streets of Ipanema.

After a restorative nap at the hotel, head to the beach of Leblon (in the continuity of Ipanema) for an aperitif at sunset. Games for children on the beach during the aperitif of parents and especially our first Caipirinha. But unfortunately, it is undrinkable (a Caipirinha with lemon yellow in Rio, we have no idea!).

Then walk along the beach at dusk, a happiness despite the jet lag that is felt. There is a magical atmosphere on the famous hyper-sportive walk, coaches everywhere, training courses on the beach, beach football lessons, beach volleyball lessons. We would be happy to live there!

We end the evening in a churrascaria, typical Brazilian restaurant that consists of tasting all kinds of grilled meat at will. The principle is simple, everyone has a map next to his plate and turns it green when he wants to be served or red side when he pauses. Beef, filet mignon, lamb … it’s a delight. The night starts as soon as the taxi back.

# Day-2

The jet lag helps us start early in the morning, we take the little train through the jungle to climb to Corcovado, symbol of Rio and even from Brazil. The ride is nice and the view on the end of the course is beautiful on the Bay of Rio, including Ipanema and Leblon.

This imposing Christ 38 meters high, perched on a hill overlooking Rio at over 700 m altitude, is a must. Even if a horde of tourists gather at his feet to take pictures in positions sometimes wacky, it is true that we take the game and a small family photo with Christ in the background is a pleasure.

We then return to Leblon and Ipanema with a local bus.

Swimming in the waves, local lunch with Pao de Queso (famous Rio cheese bread) and empanadas and walks.

# Day-3

Take advantage of Santa Teresa and have a breakfast in a small local cafe, then go to the airport to reach Fortaleza in the afternoon.